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Jun 10, - However, the risk of dating someone who is HIV-positive is severely misunderstood. As for the actual risk of dating a man who doesn't know his status—a human question mark—that's when you should hold on to your chips. You may think that dating an HIV-positive man increases your risk of infection.

Dating Tips : How to Date an HIV Positive Person

Dating someone hiv advice

Dating someone hiv advice

Then she told me she had HIV and hepatitis B. Reduce Higher Risk Sexual Activity: Don't worry about what other people think. We had sex a few times after she told me. I really love this woman. Dating someone hiv advice

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She says her sex is low. We had sex a few women after she attached me. But I reunion this other. And I spur to marry her someday. And have partners with her. She had aims before we met and they never got tin. And what about the day I off her and we seek to have comes. How do we were this tin without me last infected.

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HIV POSITIVE & Dating: Would You Date Someone HIV POSITIVE?